Fitness trackers are becoming more and more popular on the daily basis.They help us to count ours steps,our exercise,heart rate,breathing and remind us to move.I have one for the last year called Fitbit Charge 2 and I love it but the bracelet for it is so boring so I decided to look for the new one. Found on Aliexpress so many different types that can be used with the main tracker part.I went for the shiny bling bracelet in rose gold colour that has little diamonds on outside and on inside it's smooth. The shop that makes them called Simple Stone.

It came to Ireland in 4 weeks and came with the little tool to make the bracelet smaller(forgot to take the photo of it).

It disconnects and connects very easily just few clicks and has an overlapping clasp to keep the bracelet fastened.

It's stainless steel so will last very long time or until I'll decide to change it again.

It looks perfect with black Fitbit and adds this bling to the whole look.

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13 Jun 2018
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