This watch is wonderful. Luxury design. Incredibly beautiful, elegant minimalist modernist style design.

Very precise production. Incredibly accurate japanese Seiko-Epson clockwork. Casual wear as promises to be a very durable piece if you take care of it. Fortunately, instead of the usual horrible \"genuine artificial leather\" it comes with stainless steel mesh watch strap. This is a very likeable watch!

Among men\'s watches is one of the smaller ones, It was worth the price,I highly recommend it.This watch is worth every buck I paid for. The movement works fine and very silent.

The watchband is easy to adjust. The watch looks like one of these super slim ones, but it isn't really. If you like the style (I do), grab one. I own this, it is nice so far.

Overall performance is good and it is running smoothly but price should be lower than current price tag..!

13 Feb 2018
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