Total aliexpress outfit! Le haut blanc: La jupe: Les chaussures sont des Miu Miu mais le Lien n'est plus valable

17 Feb 2017
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  • Yanina-M Yanina-M

  • MiLapka MiLapka

    I was so much happy to get the blouse. It is just perfect! Firstly, the shirt I got is the same as presented by the seller. My European size is S, the same was according to the table given by the sel

  • Belen! Belen!

    I loved the material of the blouse

  • Belen! Belen!

  • Pigspy Pigspy

    pretty me

  • Angela_K_809637208 Angela_K_809637208

    purple blouse

  • Mei_li2 Mei_li2

  • Ieva_Kuznecova Ieva_Kuznecova

    dresse's size L is too big for 86-64-94 , otherwise dress is good

  • Hina_Saif Hina_Saif

    Old eastern style Blue/White Porcelain Pattern Women Elegant Dresses with rope Summer Spring Autumn Girls Casual vintage Dresses (from AliExpress Android)

  • Jemma ☾ Jemma ☾

    shopping list, ladies!

  • Jemma ☾ Jemma ☾

    Shopping list. Part I

  • ms.fisayo ms.fisayo

    I really like this velvet backless bodysuit, it comes in few more colours and it fits right on my body, I love the colour. I will most definitely wear this out when summer comes

  • ms.fisayo ms.fisayo

    This jeans is my absolute favourite, it fit perfectly and i love how different it looks. I'm wearing size 36

  • ms.fisayo ms.fisayo

    The fit of this jumper fits right on a skinny girl like me lol, I like the colour and the rips, I'm wearing size MEDIUM. The bodysuit and the jeans that I'm wearing in the picture are also from the sa

  • VanillaSky VanillaSky

    Best what I ever bought!! INCREDIBLE BEAUTIFUL JACKET!!! real leather and absolutely real fur (to be honest, I feel a bit bad about that :( )

  • VanillaSky VanillaSky

    Awesome top for your spring look! I wish it would be less synthetic but still looks cute!

  • VanillaSky VanillaSky

    Beautiful and warm skirt. Don't see a reason to talk more :) simply recommend!

  • VanillaSky VanillaSky

    Very happy about this pants! Nice fabric and good quality! For my parameters took L size and it's perfect! Recommend!