Hello my beauties! Today I want to share one of my new facorite stores. That's #StarGroup ! This store's collection is very light, feminine and stylish. You will find any kind of apparel you want- starting from leggings, ending with beautiful summer dresses❤👗 Just visit this awesome store, follow and enjoy beautiful and trendy apparel!! And let me show you some of my favorite apparel in this store. Here we go! #летовмыслях 1. Yellow-pattern light summer dress❤

2. boho-style short dress❤

3. Very creative T-shirt ''Weekender''❤

4. stripey blouse❤

5. greenish floral cardigan❤

Hope you liked the store and our tastes can match! ❤All the links are below⬇ 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

13 Jun 2018
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  • DeliaSoriaVargas DeliaSoriaVargas

    Cute dress, I will use it to go to work, with my pink Stilettos! 🙋🏽‍♀️ The dress has inner lining. Buy it, girls 🤗

  • DeliaSoriaVargas DeliaSoriaVargas

    Nice blouse, look like Zara shirts, and the quality is similar! 👌🏽

  • DeliaSoriaVargas DeliaSoriaVargas

    The blouse is perfect! 👚 Very nice quality and fits me :)

  • Anastasia_Khomchenko Anastasia_Khomchenko

    I'm so cool & cat BANG BANG 😂 😎

  • Fashion_Girls Fashion_Girls


  • razi_bhrz razi_bhrz

    Tiger embroidery sweater

  • lachi_M_862970837 lachi_M_862970837


  • Nanda_flor Nanda_flor

    Cruzeiro meu time #futebol #amo

  • Muala.G Muala.G

    Hello friends How are you ? Today I am sharing with you some beautiful and fashion clothes that you can find them in #RejinaPyo

  • BrigittaD. BrigittaD.

    Beautiful summer dress from 'Stylish Women's Store'. Shop reference: Product link:

  • Liszaveta4 Liszaveta4


  • Aelegantmis Aelegantmis


  • ValueQ ValueQ

    Top World Cup 2018 most fashional T-shirt and other wear you should know

  • ghj_U_1787142738 ghj_U_1787142738


  • aguscalerosarabia aguscalerosarabia


  • marilia.izidoro marilia.izidoro

    Flores 🌺 #longdress #colrovie

  • sabanerro sabanerro

    Comfortable leggins 🐍 I bought this leggins for 0.15 $. It was Seller's promotion in Store Club. Are very sexy and comfortable. I really like the color and design. I often wear leggins at home.

  • Aliaga-C Aliaga-C

    Winter 100% Pure Cashmere Sweater Women ,Very Thick and Warm