NO PHOTOSHOP! This powder covers a lot! To show you the maximum effect of the Focallure Face powder, I made a picture just after taking a shower and then put on a big layer of powder for the second picture. The effect is amazing! I got this make-up from #OTAO offical flagship store.

The powder comes in a neat round box, including a soft makeup sponge. I didn't use any other make-up for these pictures, just the Focallure concealer, that is a loose powder.

This is me coming just out of the shower, without anything applied. As you can see my face has a lot of blemishes and pimples. I actually never leave the door without putting on make-up 😅

Here I've put on a thick layer of the powder. Normally I also use liquid concealer under it, for my pimples and dark circles under my eyes. But to show you the effect of only the powder, I decided to wear nothing else.

The box arrived a little wrinkled, but everything else is fine! I choose colour number 1. It's very light, so if you are a little tanned I would recommend to choose colour 2 or 3. Just don't use any concealer that is darker than your own skin colour, it will look dirty 😉For me, I will continue to use this powder, applying a bit thinner layer over my other concealers. It's also very mattifying what's perfect if you have an oily skin and want to cover the shine. 😃🎉

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16 May 2018
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