#17km Crystal Water Drop Earrings ✔ OfficialShop: on aliexpress store cool this shop ✔ Brand: 17km ✔ Product Price: 2.09 USD ✔ Orders: 95 ✔ Desire: 949 Added in

Very Light To Wear, Silver I Choose And Earrings Very Shimmery, The Earrings Were Very Eye Catching.

Wires In Earrings Holding The Diamond Very Well. There Are Two Diamonds In The Earring ✔The Diamond In The Dangel Is Bright Enough And Bigger Than The Top. ✔There Is A Hinged Hoop To Lock The Earring. It Is Very Delicate And Pretty, ✔Overall Excellent Product.

✔Metals Zinc Alloy ✔Weight: 4.3g ✔Style Classic ✔Pattern Dangel ✔2 Color #women #favorite #shop #look #trending_style #AliExpressReview#jewellery #look #evening_look #trending_style #bestbuys #Fave_look #party #love #casual_look #NICE_FOREVER #fashion_trends #itao_stylist #firstdate #fashion #reccomend #Romantic_style #itao_prom_queen #iTao_Stylist #style #clothes #daily_look #looktoimpress #new_look #newlook #impress #style_tips #fashions_vitamins

15 May 2018
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